Each ring created by Danhov is either handcrafted or hand-assembled by the highly skilled jewelers at its Hollywood-based offices and exemplifies the precision and individuality for which Danhov is known. Unlike many jewelry companies, no molds and mass-production assembly lines are used at Danhov. Each ring begins with a single wire and is shaped to perfection by Danhov's artisan craftsmen. This preserves the quality and unique intricacies that only handmade and hand-assembled pieces can show.

Known in the bridal jewelry category for innovative designs, their uniquely handmade diamond engagement rings and wedding bands ensure that every bride and groom wears a special ring that is an extension and personal statement of their discerning taste.

Shown below are just a few examples of the elegant jewelry we carry or can order. Visit the Danhov website to see the rest of their beautiful line.

Visit the Danhov website to see more of their elegant designs