Services that we can proudly provide to you

Willow Glen Diamond Company prides itself in offering a complete suite of services that will handle any jewelry situation you might face. We started out 25 years ago as a jewelry "trade shop", doing repairs for over thirty other stores in the Bay Area. We have the experience to handle any problem you might face. We were also one of the first jewelry shops in the Bay Area to have a laser welder, and with over 10 years experience with our LaserStar laser welder we can do things few other stores in the area can do, including retipping rings without removing the stone and welding platinum jewelry. Most repairs, except for recutting of stones and watch repairs, are done in-house and most small repairs are done within 2 days or less.

Jewelry Cleaning & Polishing

Bring your jewelry in and we'll give it a complimentary inspection and cleaning in our ultrasonic cleaner. If you have some blemishes on the finish, we can polish and restore your jewelry so it sparkles like new again.

Ring Sizing

Your finger size can change over time, often simply depending on the season. If your ring has become too tight or loose, our jewelers can help determine the proper size for you.

Mounting and Prong Repairs

Over time, the tips of the small metal prongs holding your stones in place can wear down or break off, leaving your stones vulnerable to damage or loss. We can tighten your stone settings if they're loose, re-tip your worn-down or broken prongs, or rebuild the entire mounting if necessary.

Pearl and Bead Stringing

Through normal wear and age, the silk thread used in pearl necklaces can weaken and eventually break. With almost forty years of stringing and knotting experience we can restring your existing necklace or bracelet exactly as it was, or use your pearls to make something entirely new. From simply changing the type of clasp to creating a stunning necklace that will look perfect for a night at the opera, anything can be done.

Of course this isn't limited to just pearls - we can string any kind of beads, whether on silk, wire, or a leather thong. We recommend always knotting between each pearl - it's inexpensive insurance should your necklace break unexpectedly!

Diamond and Gemstone Replacement

Even with the best of care, diamonds or colored gemstones such as rubies or opals can be damaged or lost. If the stone is too damaged, or if you've lost it altogether, we'll find the perfect replacement stone to return your jewelry to it's former glory. We also offer gemstone and diamond recutting services, as well as re-polishing scratched or abraded gemstone tops with almost no change in the carat weight of the stone.

Our jewelers can replace the stones in any type of setting - solitaire, pave, three-stone, tension, bezel, or channel. Of course, if you already have the replacement stone, we'll be happy to set it for you!

Necklace and Bracelet Repair

Pull that broken chain, charm or pendant out your jewelry box. We'll replace worn out clasps and closures, fix broken and kinked chain links, and refurbish your necklaces, bracelets and jewelry chains to look new again.

Watch Repair

Whether a Rolex or a Casio, we can handle your watch repair. From simply replacing a battery to a full cleaning and adjustment, we can get you back on schedule. Most watch batteries are replaced while you wait. If your watch needs more than a battery, we'll prepare a cost estimate for before any work is done. Our Rolex-certified watchmaker uses only factory parts, ensuring your watch remains as authentic as the day you bought it!


White gold often contains Nickel, a metal to which many people are allergic. To prevent an allergic reaction, most jewelry that contains nickel-based white gold will be plated. The majority of the white gold rings sold in the US are plated with rhodium, a metal in the platinum family, which give a lustrous white color.

We offer a variety of plating services, including rhodium (white gold), yellow gold, rose gold, and green gold. If your jewelry is starting to lose its sparkle, or your white-gold jewelry is starting to look yellow or cause a skin reaction, it probably needs to be re-plated. Plating doesn't hide scratches or imperfections on the surface of your jewelry, and we recommend polishing before plating so you get the maximum benefit.


There are many reasons to have your jewelery appraised - for insurance purposes, as the basis for a donation or sale, or to set a value for estate planning. Although most of the appraisals we handle are insurance-related, we can help you with any type of appraisal you need, from a single piece to a full estate. For insurance appraisals, we can often finish the appraisal the same day if an appointment is made. Call us and we'll help you decide what kind of appraisal you need and provide the appraisal as quickly as possible.